2020 … 2021 Herscheid – Doubling of the volume flow at the vacuum precoat filter

The Kükelhaus School in Magdeburg, the building was 2009 built. For the children and young people a pool was designed with height-adjustable floor. As a base, a concrete construction should serve, which are lined in the system "Myrthapools" and with a height movable floor (Hubboden) should be equipped.

Who can not calculate, takes Tichelmann*!

The system of the pool hydraulic Tichelmann is widespread and can often be used without special calculations. But what, if thepool is not rectangular or relative 1:2 was built or even designed with curves in the pool wall from architects? In the article, the newspaper of the Federal Association of German Schwimmmeister “Das Schwimmbad und sein Personal” edition 02/2019 a note is given to the methods of calculation.

Let's start the INTERNET OF WATER!

Internet of things is literally on everyone's lips, and describes, such as the Internet in equipment has arrived. In our industry, you might think, IOT aviod the pools. We should change that together! Maybe it just needs a new slogan for it, as industry 2.0 or GroKo (german for big Coalition), in which the name is more powerful than the content. The chemical basis for disinfection have not changed significantly, we will address these fundamentals. How can a own Internet of water build up in each pool , but will play a major role in the following.

Functionality of a membrane-covered amperometric sensor

2- and 3-Elektode systems. A nozzle of the flow-through chamber with 6mm diameter approximately 15 millimeters distance brings a constant jet of fluid (symbolized by a blue arrow) with the disinfectant in a direction plumb to the membrane (1). The membrane allows molecules of the disinfectant mainly pass through . These molecules put a pathway in the electrolyte liquid (2) to the working electrode (3) back. The working electrode (3) is of precious metals (gold or platinum) so they do not corrode. The working electrode (3) is with a very small but accurate electrical voltage.

The advantages of membrane-covered amperometric sensors

If we talk about disinfection, then most people immediately think of "chlorine". Here is often overlooked, that chlorine in different forms occurs. While the right eye can be protected by "free chlorine" for infections, is the left eye may be the result of bounded chlorine and his children in the air. This bound chlorine is the reason for the bad taste and smell in the air - but has very little to do with the disinfection or our protection. Membrane-covered sensors can also detect this kind of chlorines.

The selection of membrane-covered amperometric sensors

Tutorial to choose Membrane covered amperometric sensors with detailed explanations of the parameters. In this table, you can select the correct sensor. In the footer of the table filter can be written, which restricts the number of rows. Please also note the informations, which will be displayed in the right columns by horizontal scrolling. Find out in the fields measuring size, Subgroup, Measuring range, Measuring water, Pressure, pH range, Temperature, Cross sensitivity, Reaction time, Connections, Downloads, about the existing possibilities and conditions.

Function of the cleaning device at the amperometric sensor

In the membrane-covered amperometric sensor, the working electrode is separated from the water and disinfectant by a most sensitive membrane. A cleaning device is not realizable. This membrane may be by substances, which are located in water, be contaminated. This contamination holds the molecules to be measured back and reduces the sensitivity of the measurement. Caused by the membrane, a membrane-covered amperometric sensor is sensitive to pressure. For some disinfectant there is the possibility, carry out the measurement without membrane. The missing membrane leads to a pressure stability of the sensor. At the same time this case, the working electrode is exposed, so that the surface can be cleaned mechanically.

Sometimes it really depends on the size!

Thoughts on the raw water tank. Usually he leads a lonely existence, the raw water tank. No one wanted him, now the overflow channel makes it necessary. Previously, yet everything was so easy, now you have to make a head, when the gray box in the earth needs a new water. Sometimes, the box is also suspected, just drink the water away. The necessary "selection" of things, that arrive in the tank as litter of the overflow, not exactly stimulates to unbridled enthusiasm. It seems so simple: "A lot of (tank volume) helps a lot!“, as so often in life, it is then not so simple.

On the (Pool-) border looked

If we let it flow! Is there a reason, think about this little "surge water piping"? No later than, if you can convert these ideas into cash. Because of the surge of water transport in an overflow channel and a slope line is pure waste of money. For simplicity, we assume the basin from the last post and expect times with these values.

The miller his pool

It was once a miller, was poor, but he had a large outdoor swimming pool. Now it happened, that he came to speak to the King, and to make himself appear, he said to him,: “I have a pool, the sun and water can spin into gold.” The king said to the miller: “This is an art, pleases me well, if your planning office is so clever, as you say, so bring it tomorrow in my castle, I will put her to the test.”

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