Pool construction types 01 Common requirements

Welcome to the tutorial on the planning a swimming pool! This tutorial focuses not at small private pools on the own land or in the own house. It is aimed at architects and engineers, that the planning of a swimming- pool in public buildings. The subjects of this tutorial are: Overview of the available materials and designs, Advantages- and disadvantages of construction types … The tutorial is not completed.

Pool construction types 02 Theorems

1. Quotation DIN 19643, section 4: “For disinfecting, a germ killing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by four orders of magnitude was within 30 s used.” Even if you think, this sentence could not relate to the swimming pool: This theorem is the basis of any further consideration! This theorem describes the effect of the disinfectant chlorine at a concentration of between 0,3 and 0.6 mg/l. All other theorems are built up on this foundation. This theorem is also true for water treatment.

Pool construction types 03 Waterproof concrete

This construction is in Germany often as “White Tank” called. It is initially for the construction of basements (in groundwater) systems used. Bottom plate and outer walls of a closed tank made of concrete with a high water penetration resistance in accordance with DIN EN 206-1 and DIN 1045-2 manufactured. This concrete is also called water-impermeable concrete or waterproof concrete. Expertise and careful approach to planning and construction are key to a proper and even dense basement.

Pool construction types 04 sealed concrete

This design is suitable for the renovation of old concrete pools and for the new building. Unlike the “Weißen Wanne” (see post waterproof concrete) the concrete itself has no sealing function. Sealing is provided by a system on the inside of the pool. The components are matched to each other. This affects the adhesion to the subsoil and to each other. The coordination between the materials and the resistance to chlorine is secured too. Of course, the combination of the system is possible with waterproof concrete. The chemical attack on the concrete is made impossible by the seal.

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