May 06

1980 Disco in the middle of nowhere!

In a short period at the end of puberty, the hero, has un-successfully dealt with the audition of music. The hero's extremely unmusical streak was masked by the still-winning smile on the right edge of the photo. Die..Read More

May 06

1979 Youth Dedication Ceremony!

1979 Youth Dedication Ceremony

… and the first suit. It was dark blue, which is difficult to detect at the former technology.

Jul 06

1974 The early adventures of the hero!

What started funny, became a forced march in the mountains. In the most important phase of physical development, the hero was forced, to attend a morning high mountain climb under the supervision of the much older coaches. Just water from the stream and bread from an old woman..Read More

Sep 01

1971 The serious side of life begins!

1971 School introduction with confectionery

If the hero had known, which pain must be suffered gratuitously by the institution of the school in the following years, the package of suggar should have be larger. So the view was still undaunted and shirt still clean.

May 05

1969 The angler in the garden!

1969 Fishing

A hat, leather pants and a fishing make the hero for anglers, but not the uncle's garden pond to a fishpond!

Apr 05

1969 Carnival and day care center!

1969 As a cook

The first try, to pretend a Baker. The hero was forced, to wear these fashionable shoes.

Dec 24

1968 The first car!

1968 WIth fire truck

Easy to see, the hero compares himself in front of the Christmas tree with a wooden fire truck. The tree stands in Friedrichshain, in the midst of area called Lausitz. Who now thinks of Berlin-Friedrichshain, is 120km to far north.

Apr 06

1967 A winning smile!

1967 with sweater

The first photo from professionals succeeded. Even the self-knitted sweaters improves the appearance of the hero.

Apr 01

1966 For the first time on the road!

1966 In Dresden with Grandma

Against the backdrop of Dresden “Neustadt”, probably in the Hans-Sachs-Street, had the hero still supported by his grandmother.

Jan 27

1965 When everything began!

1965 In the car

The kick-off was a little earlier, but in the 27. January 1965 history had its beginning.