Oct 02

2019 … 2022 Development of tubular precoat filters

Within the company WTA Vogtland GmbH, the pressure precoat filter was used as a place- and resource-saving alternative to the sand filter with a closed (dust-free) circuit for perlite, developed diatomaceous earth or cellulose.

Apr 08

2021 … 2022 Interimsbad Berlin Kreuzberg

In Berlin-Kreuzberg, a new swimming pool has been created as an interim solution with a special container water treatment and tank.

Jun 24

2020 … 2021 Refurbishment of the vacuum precoat filter for the outdoor pool in Herscheid

2020 … 2021 Refurbishment of the vacuum precoat filter for the outdoor pool in Herscheid

In the outdoor pools in Herscheid, for the new swimming- and diving pool the volume flow of the existing vacuum precoat filter was increased from 400m³/h to 800m³/h. New filter plates were designed for this purpose, tested and manufactured. In addition, new pumps were installed and adapted to the process using a controller.

Mar 01

2019 … 2021 Development of a 6-channel ISE transmitter for the Humboldt University in Berlin

2019 … 2021 Development of a 6-channel ISE transmitter for the Humboldt University in Berlin

In the field of biosystems technology, the Humboldt University of Berlin is planning online investigations of the manure water of plants and fish. It should 6 Parameters can be measured and transmitted via web protocol.

Mar 04

2017 … 2019 Development of a web server-based modular controller

In the employee relationship within Dosatronic GmbH in the position of Technical Manager, I initiated the development of a webserver-based modular controller in the slogan "INTERNET OF WATER", continued and completed the first target status. Previously, Dosatronic GmbH had a large number..Read More

Dec 01

2014 … 2017 Ion-specific nutrient management – dosing devices

Together with the Humboldt University in Berlin, the project was continued "development of a system for ion-specific control of the nutrition of crops in cultivation in greenhouses". The cooperation project dealt with the development of a system for the ion-specific control of the nutrition of..Read More

Nov 20

2015 and 2016 Measurement and control of ozone in bottled water

In a district of Bangkok, there is the brewery "Pathumthani Brewery Co. Ltd.“. Since more than 10 Years, the brewery was built by a German company. The site manager from back then is now married in Bangkok and still advises the royal company..Read More

Nov 25

2015 Disinfect well water for brewery with chlorine dioxide

In the highlands of Ethiopia was build 2015 probably the world's largest brewery company Dashen. In an otherwise very low water environment wells were drilled, which produce several thousand cubic meters of water every day. 132 km or 150 Minutes away by car, except for..Read More

Dec 12

2013 Disinfection system for tomatoes

At Humboldt University in Berlin was researched at this time on tomatoes. There is a fungus, which spreads of hydroponics and encourage the plants to growth of the roots. This fungus spreads through the water, which the minerals..Read More

Feb 01

2011 … 2012 Kükelhaus-school pool with hydraulic movable floor

The Kükelhaus School in Magdeburg, the building was 2009 built. For the children and young people a pool was designed with height-adjustable floor. As a base, a concrete construction should serve, which are lined in the system "Myrthapools" and with a height movable floor (Hubboden) fitted..Read More

Dec 01

2011 Movable bridge over the competition pool in Saransk

The owner planned for December 2011 the completion of the bridge over the competition pool with a width of 25 meters. The pool itself is built with a length of approximately 51,50m, so that the final position of the bridge is a basin length of..Read More

Sep 06

2011 Palace of water sports in Saransk, Troubleshooter for 30 days

Saransk is the capital of the Russian republic of Mordovia. Already 2010 the city has begun, to invest in infrastructure. Right next to the Ice Palace and the Sports Stadium, the palace of water sports was built. During the construction phase it became clear, that it would be difficult, meet the opening date. And..Read More

Sep 29

2009 … 2010 Hydraulic design and construction management of outdoor pools Tauern SPA

The village Kaprun, surrounded by the Austrian Alps, has 2010 expanded its tourism offer by the hotel thermal spa "Tauern SPA". The outdoor pools of the spa were to build very quickly at the end of the general construction. For the implementation of the design wishes of the.Read More

Sep 27

2007 … 2008 Outdoor pool Meinerzhagen, the competition pool with sloping walls

The outdoor pool Meinerzhagen is located within view of the A45 Autobahn and had to struggle with the consequences. The water treatment system places special demands on the hydraulics of the pool. The pool in the old state had a deep overflow channel and below the floor level slopped walls. Unfortunately..Read More

May 01

2006 … 2007 Outdoor pools Oberreichenbach, Pools and piping of the pools

The district town Reichenbach im Vogtland has modernized the old outdoor pool group. It created a diving pool, a competition pool, an adventure pool and a children's pool. In the original planning was several pools of stainless steel, however, the award failed the city officials and..Read More

May 01

1998 … 1999 Aquapark "Saaleperle" Bernburg

The first major challenge was an architect competition for the design contract. Since we had drawn the pools already at the time of new 3D CAD technology, probably has the photomontage of the pool in an aerial view picture brought success . It was the first..Read More

Sep 01

1994 … 1995 Leisure- and adventure-pools "Sumpfmühle" (Swamp mill) Hetzdorf

The beginning of my work in the industry of engineering offices was also the beginning of the hot construction time in Hetzdorf. Design for the pools, and the water treatment plant was completed. I had the task, to realize this object. The first..Read More