Seminar chlorine dioxide generators

Content and themes

  • Introduction water disinfection,
  • Measurable disinfectant,
  • Connection pH and disinfecting action of chlorine and bromine,
  • Action of chlorine dioxide in the water disinfection,
  • Conventional methods for producing chlorine dioxide,
  • Fundamentals of chlorite acid method,
  • Operation of a pressure-free chlorine dioxide generator, Before the- and disadvantages,
  • Operation of a chlorine dioxide generator with pressure reactor, Before the- and disadvantages,
  • Safety requirements for the production and use of chlorine dioxide,
  • Chlorine dioxide in drinking water disinfection,
  • Chlorine dioxide in the process water disinfection,
  • Chlorine dioxide in the cooling tower disinfection,
  • Chlorine dioxide in the filter disinfection,
  • Dimensioning of a chlorine dioxide generator,
  • Calculation of consumption values
  • DPD measurement of chlorine dioxide,
  • Online measurement of chlorine dioxide,
  • Measurement of Legionella concentration within 60 minutes,
  • Maintenance of a chlorine dioxide generator,

Number of participants

  • at the venue at least Ravensburg 2 People and maximum 10 people,
  • at all other event locations at least 4 Persons with unlimited Maximum,


The cost of the seminar are based on the event's location and the number of participants. All prices are indicative. Ask for a quote.


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Seminar documents

  • Information on the posted topics presentation Powerpoint®
  • Pattern of a manual in PDF

Target groups

  • swimming champion,
  • water Master,
  • Engineers water treatment,
  • Sales in Water Treatment,

Target Business

  • Drinking water treatment,
  • Waste Water Treatment,
  • Process Water Treatment,
  • Operation of open cooling towers,
  • Greenhouse Water Treatment,
  • Beverage Industry,
  • Food industry,
  • Plant construction for water technology systems,
  • Swimming pool water preparation,


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