In Germany has been , also depends on the market situation for swimming pools, supports vertical inflow system from the relevant authorities and associations. Is used in stainless steel pool the floor channel with a huge cross-section, it is in the other systems, the principle of “same pipe lengths” with extreme material consumption. It was therefore important to develop a floor nozzle for flexible bottom, which is adjustable, that an arrangement “without same tube lengths” is possible. In the example pool Reichenbach, competition pool 50m, in a line to a supply tube with the same volume flows. Dust image on the pool floor proved it. In addition to the hydraulic requirements nozzle with the flexible bottom should be flat, so can work unhindered floor cleaner. At the same time this nozzle had in terms of construction progress can be closed and without wildcards “possible to revise with concrete” be. Can be used in new buildings (Example Reichenbach Vogtland) and in the renovation of old pools (Example sports pool Meinerzhagen).