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new hits:

  • The measurement of conductive conductivity is possible. 1 to 4 Modules can be added. Temperature compensation can be made via NTC on the module or the main input Pt100.
  • User management now includes several groups with different rights. Users can be supplied by the device with information via email.
  • The timer can trigger both own emails as active switch the connections. In addition, it can activate each integrated controller on or off. Even the change of setpoints by the timer is possible. the integrated 8 Timers can as day, weeks- or month-timers are used.
  • Of course, these new features on the web address can be set – unless you have obtained the necessary rights in the user administration.

Function description:

This device measures in conjunction with the appropriate sensors, the most important parameters of water such as pH, ORP value and content of free chlorine. The central unit is equipped with 1 to 4 equipped input modules, so that further additions of bromine or ozone or or are possible. Many sensors are already stored in the configuration and can be easily used. A built-in Webserver provides the connection to the outside world, because the plant operates without its own display. The Webserver serves almost every modern browser, its own app is not necessary on the display devices. Access to the settings is protected by a login.

On-site or on foreign but also allowed display adaptive control and all other settings are in addition to the classic PID controller available. Connected pumps can relay or opto-coupler or a 4 ... 20mA output module are controlled.

The selection of the sensors is varied, in a Tutorial, the membrane-covered amperometric sensors described in detail.

Special features:

  • Calculation efficiency of free chlorine from the pH and temperature
  • Correction of the pH of chlorine error sensors at varying pH,
  • Monitoring of measuring range exceeding the sensors,
  • Evaluation of serial or parallel or different inputs or monitoring of containers,
  • Separate switching of dosing via a hardware input
  • Monitoring of the flow of sample water by an inductive proximity switch,
  • Controlled procedure of the calibration of the sensors,
  • Control per channel configurable as ON / OFF, P-, PI-, PID Rules, additionally adaptive controller,
  • Sending emails for expected events, Warnings and alarms
  • Connect to the Internet via DHCP- or fixed addressing


  • Operation via the browser of the third-party device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) with access management,
  • LED display on the device, display-free settings via network,
  • Data recording in the unit for micro SD card and remotely,
  • E-mailing data and alerts on 3 configurable addresses,
  • Inputs: 4x galvanically isolated slots for pH, ORP- or mV-sensors, 1x input temperature measurement Pt100, 4x input for digital signals, 1x input NPN, 1x input PNP,
  • Outputs: 4x relay as: Pulse, PWM, ON / OFF, warning, alarm, 2x optocoupler, 2x (optional module) 4 ... 20mA
  • electrical connection: 90 … 240 V AC + 10%, 50/60 Hz, optional 24 DC, Housing made of ABS plastic, IP protection 65

full functionality

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Symbolic DCW400ip functions 500

Display and communication with the outside world

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  • At least LAN port RJ45 and Smartphone required,


Panel for wall mounting comprising controller DOSAControl DCW400ip, 230V standard connection cable 5m, Prefilter for measuring water, Flow assembly for sensors with sample water monitoring, internal cabling, 5m measuring water hose 6x8mm,

It does not include the modules and the sensors. These can be selected in the bid request.


quote request:

    transmit list usable sensors

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