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Published in: Das Schwimmbad und sein Personal, edition 01/2020

Who wants to have the money, must hurry!

In times of old electricity meters could be after the start of circulation pumps see a rotating disc Frisby behind the glass! Today only blur the last digits of the display, so fast the kilowatt hours of pushing through the cable.

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Illustration 1: Adobe Stock

Still, many are still exactly these old pumps in operation and eat the bag of operating costs. It makes us the state at the moment relatively easy, convert to new efficient pumps.

But first things first, What is supported? Because our old energy hogs pollute the environment, can and should each, of "inefficient" pumps in operation has, submit the application, to replace these pumps through efficient models.

Logical, anyway moribund specimens or those, which are not used in years, are excluded.

Also, it is important, which location is the swimming pool. Mining regions are of course preferred in funding. Mind you, not only the swimming pools in the public sector, the spas and water parks in private ownership can take the chance. For some of us that's good, if they work in a private company, for others it is rather poor, because …

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Illustration 2: aqua&pools

who comes first, first served!

In this case, "first save". The alternative is "saving nothing", because if the pot is empty the last remains hungry. The program runs on a quarterly basis,

... the start is NOW!

Translated, can in January (again) be submitted the first applications, then a decision is made and who gets a positive decision, can realize the project until probably October. But it is just not waiting, until the information leaked to all potential applicants.

I know, it is sometimes not easy, to win the people in the administration of such Schriftkram, but this time it must not be first. (Box at the end)

As usual in the German funding red tape, the beginning of everything is a request. It must be proved at the end, which energy is saved. saving, the means to demonstrate the current state and to calculate the target state of the swimming pool pumps and reassess the cost of this path by Old.

So actually it's the beginning for you all about, to collect the information on the stock. These data are then evaluated by a specialist and compared with new efficient pool pumps.

A description, what happens "behind your back" with the data, you will find in the article "A thing of internal friction" in the magazine 04/2016. Who does not have at hand, can the items under online (here).

Even then I have described, what differences can increase the efficiency of swimming pool pumps in the process of proper selection. The efficiency is reflected naturally in a high efficiency resist.

a review:

Transferring the intersection of the pipeline- and the pump curve in the graph of the efficiencies, then you should land on the "ridge" of efficiency. In the example, the manufacturer Eta = 83% expelled, which should be quite a good value.

Circulation chart 03

The red line represents the equipment characteristic, we can influence only slightly. The green line shows the behavior of the pump. There, where both lines intersect, is the operating point.

The efficiency can be so influenced by two sizes:

The End

  1. influence selection of a more modern efficient pump by changing the green line, and
  2. optimize the characteristic by a frequency converter.

Both are connected with practical work. One must not forget, that the terminals match the new pump in rare cases with the existing terminals. Also, the frequency converter can not be built by a layman.

Basically, the work is now almost completed. As always, you can also bring out some more. If the frequency converter are integrated into the overall control, then can also use an operating regime with periods of reduced volume flow.

All this happened only later, but not, if no request has been submitted.

The key is the application!

Where are the forms? Who can help me while working out? These questions will probably ask many members.

I've got time preparing what ...

On my website (here on the following pages) you will find a form, is requested that the necessary information further additional information and. You can download this form as a PDF, fill on site and submit it later on a PC in the online fields.

If you fill the online form, then I prepare you a proposal free of charge before. This free offer is only available for members of the Federal Association of German swimming champion.

Non-members can request the form available.

Who my "offline" help, So a site visit or telephone consultation needed, this can of course get ... just not free.

Today, a little shorter, but with the hope, To give some impetus.

logo printed

The End

Dear Sir or Madam,

the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety encourages the exchange of non adjustable pumps with variable high-efficiency pumps for the pool water in swimming pools.

The funding is for sports facilities solely on the type. 55 Regulation (EU) No. 651/2014. The maximum grant amount is therefore

1.000.000 €.

Depending on the object and object-location can

40% to 65%

installation costs and 5% the necessary engineering services are conveyed.

Applications for funding must be submitted electronically via a portal of the Federal. The application process is a single stage, that is, the funding decision is made on the basis of documents provided.

aqua&pools , the application documents for creating!

The beginning of the funding period should be scheduled no earlier than five and latest twelve months after submitting the application-Zuwendungs.

The request-processing was done in previous years experience shows always the year in the first and third quarters.

So the next time period starts in January 2020!

In addition to the other entries, a "summary plan description" should be filled. The "Summary project description" will be released later on the project search to and can in some circumstances affect eligibility and head.

Care expenses are incurred in the funding period, spending on investment and assembly of the installation and for the removal and proper disposal of the replaced system components.

resulting also in the funding period, spending on project-related engineering services to the power phase 8 (Project supervision - supervision and documentation in accordance with fees for architects, engineers HOAI) A maximum of EUR 5 Percent of the eligible investment- and installation expenses eligible for funding.

aqua&pools supports you in the preparation!


Because, are not eligible for funding under other expenses:

  • prototypes, used equipment and DIY equipment,
  • the repair or maintenance of existing facilities,
  • Maintenance work, current expenditures and capitalized costs and
  • Engineering services before decision-preservation.

Just fill the following, for you relevant tables or put in the necessary copies.

For municipal or private carrier:

(Table on the last page)

If you act as a sports club,

then you need to meet certain requirements, to apply for the promotion:

  • registered association in the register,
  • charitable status,
  • Sport as a priority Purpose.

Therefore, you should as provide us with the following documents: (Table on the last page)


For the application yourself the object's data are obviously important. (See table last page)

For the sake of completeness, for a merger of applicants

There are ways of applying, which we would due to time constraints but advise against, since this merger a very extensive preparation required.

First, evidence should be available for a positive authorization, justify the expense of such a preparation.

A subsequent cooperation agreement and a change request is in our view no obstacle, for it the following content must be compiled:

  • Name of joint project,
  • List of partners with address, official municipality key and contact,
  • Naming of the applicant, the legally binding responsibility for the implementation of the project (account management, Reference etc.) accepts and submits the application,
  • a summary table of expenditure and the own resources of each partner and the legally binding assurance of each partner, provide the own resources in the case of promotion (except for county applications, where counties bear the expenses for your county's towns and cities),
  • The authentic assurance of each partner, was that the requested funding program has not encouraged or requested.
  • The agreement is to be signed any cooperation partner of the signatories.

If you strive for such cooperation, can you aqua&pools help in the negotiations!

The calculation is performed, of course, on the basis of existing pumps. Therefore, please provide us with the necessary information to the stock in the following table: (See table last page)

Immediately after your information we start the development of the application content. If you wish, We also take over the application.

The previous pages can also be downloaded as PDF letter, print and fill. I put the document without locks available. Nevertheless, it would be good, if your before downloading logs you here and leave a brief comment with your target.

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Already in the notes the necessary tables are included. Of course, very small and not fillable. That's why you find these tables in Excel format for download. If you have entered the necessary data, then send these documents, please contact Dirk.Sura(at)

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If you have any unexpected problems with the use of these data, Here again the tables in PDF format A3.

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