Who can not calculate, takes Tichelmann*!

The system of the pool hydraulic Tichelmann is widespread and can often be used without special calculations. But what, if thepool is not rectangular or relative 1:2 was built or even designed with curves in the pool wall from architects? In the article, the newspaper of the Federal Association of German Schwimmmeister “Das Schwimmbad und sein Personal” edition 02/2019 a note is given to the methods of calculation.

From the craft of calibrating

From Craft calibration and the many pitfalls to these daily handles. In each water treatment facility of a public swimming pool needs to be done: Measuring and logging water chemistry. In previous articles, we have often discussed it, but always on the edge and not focused on the activities of calibration.

If the chlorine reaches its limits!

Contamination of sand filters (Biological contamination of the filters) is a growing problem, particularly through the use of activated carbon. The newspaper article offers solutions and ideas. Disinfection against Filterverkeimung. With a water treatment and disinfection after the letters of DIN everything is done? No! Where does the air from your air flushing? If you do not know it or you can smell during the flushing, then you should urgently and carefully read to the end.

Again, this post assumes, that flocculation and filtering are set optimally and work. The hints, which the Federal Environmental Agency in the notice: "Hygiene requirements for pools and monitoring" 2014 is about the quality of filtering given, we had in a previous text in the October 2016 implemented.

Let's start the INTERNET OF WATER!

Internet of things is literally on everyone's lips, and describes, such as the Internet in equipment has arrived. In our industry, you might think, IOT aviod the pools. We should change that together! Maybe it just needs a new slogan for it, as industry 2.0 or GroKo (german for big Coalition), in which the name is more powerful than the content. The chemical basis for disinfection have not changed significantly, we will address these fundamentals. How can a own Internet of water build up in each pool , but will play a major role in the following.

Where filter is on it is not always filter in it!

Where filter is on it is not always filter in it! ... or what should and can filter my filter? During the filtering the water flows through the filter layers from top to bottom. It acts in addition to forces from the fluid flow and the gravitation on the grains of sand. systems, which would like to outwit these forces, have after my suggestion major disadvantages. After the end of the filter runtime, So when the pressure loss in the filter to its economic limit is, the filter must be regenerated by flushing. This is done in the reverse direction. Subtleties to that later. For the sake of completeness: The distances between the filter rinses are dependent not only on the contamination but also on the growth rates possibly in the filter layer domestic bacteria!

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