Professional education

Feb 21

1990 … 1994 University of Rostock, Mechanical engineering, Marine engineering

It was not the end of the education, but the timeline should begin here at the end of the study. With a few nice photos, as you can experience Warnemünde today. In the period between 1989 and 1994 there were many besides studying..Read More

Sep 01

1988 … 1990 High School and 2 Semester basic study mechanical engineering

to study, where others vacation! This is the dream (almost) each student. From the lecture to the beach only 200 Meter, there may be a lost hour lead to a sunburn. The price for this idyll was the long journey by bus..Read More

May 10

1987 MS Heinrich Heine

The beginning was a short drive to Stocznia Remontowa in Szczecin. This is a shipyard and is located on an island in the River Oder. For several months the ship was refurbished. The ship is a refrigerator ship, therefore, the goods were inevitable. Es..Read More

Oct 10

1984 … 1987 Tank commander of the army in Brandenburg

Yes, who did not want to wait with the study, had to bite the bullet and his service in the army “voluntary” to 36 extend month. For me this meant the service in the barracks on the outskirts of Brandenburg (Hohnestücken)...Read More

May 03

1984 Training as a tank commander in the NCO School of the NVA "Kurt Bennewitz" in Delitzsch

after brief (6 weeks) Shore leave the section began with the NVA. Being away from home was my daily life, but behind high walls and barbed wire, that was a little new. In addition to the hard sporting training, there was the training..Read More

Jul 20

1983 MS Aue

After just one day as a skilled worker in the machine shop, the lightning retraining takes place to the boiler attendant for the huge steam boiler of the ship. In this responsible position, the hero remains in the Guard 00 … 04h and 12 … 16h over more than..Read More

Apr 06

1982 The practical training period on MS Trattendorf

spring 1982 to 1983 the hero learned the daily handles a ship machinist. The fields changed weekly, of guard service to electrical – there was something for everybody. Sometimes it is only the control tour, checking all the lights in the ship. Sometimes is..Read More

Dec 06

1981 The later end of the first vessel!

More than 20 years later, this ship is back in the news. 2013 came the inglorious end of the ship, to the many men remember from my generation. Some opinions and the course you can learn in this video.

Dec 01

1981 The first ship, but only in the harbor!

Like any other apprentice in the '80s, part of the first year of apprenticeship was on the training ship “Georg Buechner” completed. Later, it served as a hotel and youth hostel in Rostock. Long: 154 m, width: 20 m, launching: 12. August 1950, whereabouts: Am 30. May 2013 declined. Source: Panorama MS Georg Büchner..Read More

Sep 01

1981 Start in a professional life

1981 In Uniform

The hero starts his training as an seaman for maritime engines in the "Deutsche Seereederei" a shipping company in Rostock. The uniform is worn during the short training on land. In the photo the hero leftmost.01