2017 … 2019 Development of a web server-based modular controller

In the employee relationship within the Dosatronic GmbH in the position of Technical Director, the development of a regulator in the slogan "INTERNET OF WATER" I initiated, continued and completed the first target status. Previously, the DOSATRONIC GmbH has a variety of other brands bought and sold as an OEM product. The biggest weakness of these devices was the lack of communication with decentralized systems. As a second weakness, the communication with the operator via the line-oriented display was identified. So, the goal was a modular controller with an embedded Web server, which performs the communication based on HTML. The features of this controller are described in detail.

2014 … 2017 Ion-specific nutrient management – dosing devices

Together with the Humboldt University in Berlin, the project was continued "development of a system for ion-specific control of the nutrition of crops in cultivation in greenhouses". The cooperation project focused on the development of a system for ion-specific control of the nutrition of crops in the greenhouse cultivation. This task was divided into 3 areas: 1. Ion-selective measurement of chemical parameters present in the nutrient solution of greenhouse cultures. 2. Determination of the setpoint values ​​for the chemical parameters as the difference between measured value and desired value-dependent growth. 3. Dosing of the individual components in the circuit.

2015 and 2016 Measurement and control of ozone in bottled water

In a district of Bangkok, there is the brewery "Pathumthani Brewery Co. Ltd.“. Since more than 10 Years, the brewery was built by a German company. The chief engineer of that time is now married in Bangkok and advises the royal company today. In addition to the beer money is made with water bottles. Just prior to packaging, the water is mixed with traces of ozone.

2015 Disinfect well water for brewery with chlorine dioxide

In the highlands of Ethiopia was build 2015 probably the world's largest brewery company Dashen. In an otherwise very water-deficient environment wells were drilled, which produce several thousand cubic meters of water every day. 132 km or 150 Minutes away by car, outside the city Debre Berhan ("Mountain of Light"), next to the fountain a large area for the brewery was opened. Here traditional African ways of life met with European technology.

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