Company A&T Europe SPA, for which I from 2004 to 2013 worked, is probably the leader in the construction of competition pools. The end of the 90s, the trend starts, think about the further use of the competition pools. The pool should be variable. One way of variability is the installation of a movable pool floor. At least the German rules, and later the EN13451 demand peaks for the gaps between the pool wall and the movable platform. This gap dimensions were the wall parts, the protruded from the wall, literally in the way.
There was a group of parts to develop, which can be installed flush with the wall. The group includes wall nozzles, wall suctions, lights and observation window. At the same time, these parts should be positioned as possible on site, since usually any changes the drawings in the chain of responsibility or interpreted differently. The new wall parts can be at any time, even years after the pool assembling, safe and completely sealed retrofit.