Less is more!

The water resources in the world are becoming increasingly scarce. Water quality getting worse. This increases the urge, to disinfect the water continues. In order to minimize the consumption of disinfectants, accurate measurement of disinfectant concentration in the water is of paramount importance.

Electrochemical probes with membrane or without membrane achieve this, the currently the best price-performance ratio. Was a few years ago the redox- or ORP value pulled as a comparison of the disinfecting capability approach, the proportion of electrochemical sensors is far today forward. Nobody, who seriously engaged in water treatment, can ignore this probes.

Sample case parameters

Especially advantageous are the options, to measure different types of disinfectants. At the same time, different sensitivities and different signals are available. The selection and explanation of the current approximately. 200 types can cause confusion at a customer.

With this presentation case the explanation will be easier and thus makes the success in sales easier.. The manufacturer of the sensors offers the training in the selection., function and maintenance of the sensors on the purchase of the presentation suitcase.

PBT 06 Image 10 Sensor CC1N


    12 Pattern probes (not functioning) as a part of the following parameters:

    • Chlorine,
      • Total chlorine,
      • Free chlorine, special type of
        • … easiest measurement,
        • ... reduced dependency of the pH value,
        • … under the influence of isocyanuric acid,
        • … to control the disinfectant excluding,
        • … for measuring with pressure,
        • … for the measurement with higher temperatures
    • Chlorine dioxide,
    • Bromine,
    • Ozone,
    • H2O2,
    • ClO2,
    • C2H4O3

    4 Pattern electrodes,

    • 2 pH value,
    • 2 ORP- or ORP value,
    • with and without cable,