Of course you can look for problems in the list of certified experts and pick out the appropriate theorists. What interests does the expert? A quick and inexpensive alternative to the dispute between the parties is not among them in my opinion. In the foreground (or at least as a basic demand) is the expensive report, not unconventional solution. Yes, it is also the duty of the expert, proceed according to the rules of law, instead of reacting quickly. aqua&pools is in a clear advantage, because 9 years on the side of the planners, 9 years on the side of the performers and more over 5 years on the side of the developer gets an overview and understanding of the interests. Sometimes mediation is simply more effective than an written report. The German proverb says: "If the child has fallen into the fountain, then "you should get out the child instead of this undisputed fact ... to fix in reports.

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