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A workplace under the stars ...

Photo: aqua&pools

You often see shirts these weeks with 4 Stars on thorax! The stars will probably transfer the good performance of the athletes on the carrier. Our story is about a, of such itself his stars earned every day and yet does not contribute to the chest. But more on that later.

They are crazy, the Ruppin's people! The small People in the Ruppin Country, almost at the external borders of Brandenburg, operates with Swabian support right at Lake Ruppin a resort. „Resort“, which is in the hotel business German language "a tourist hotel complex with a beyond the pure tourist accommodation offer" (Wikipedia-Resort-Common).

This hostel with extras, because otherwise the twisted sentence says, is quite exceptional. The hotel manager attaches great importance to regional cuisine, organizing small fairs, where suppliers can present their top quality, and leads in all restaurants a menu, which clearly favors the fish from the waters outside the house. All this is in a hotel with high quality standards definitely NOT uncommon, but:

Ironically here, next to picturesque Lake Ruppin, There are pools with a filling of warm salt water. What did the fathers of this hotel has brought to it, not to fill the swimming pool with water from the lake but with salt water?

If you follow the logic of "regional products", will you still get no response. For even the distance to two waters is about the same. If one neglects the vertical component, is both within in distance of 20 meters available. If the water level of the lake just a few centimeters above the internal water storage tanks, then the horizon of the brine a few hundred meters is under these. The water in the deep under the lake has lured next to the salt content also with its temperature, It occurs after a distance of 1650m with rich 55 ° C for days and transported except vile sodium chloride and other valuable minerals. This seems the reason for the deep drilling in 2006.

Neuruppin is located in the area of ​​the state of Brandenburg. While on the northern edge, but you should take that very reason, Here is enough space for a sauna. Perhaps the stimulus is exactly been, to put a headlock on a pontoon at the edge of the lake. For the sauna guests by offering the possibility, to be able to climb into the cool waters without prying eyes.

The architect is the way successful, to avoid the pitfalls of building permits Brandenburg. Around the Potsdamer lakes complain diverse prospects in court to the stock of public (bicycle-) Way to the scenic shores. Here at Lake Ruppin live Hotel, Therme, Residents and tourists in line. The problem of access to the sauna was bridged in the literal sense.

For someone,, the tourists, it is a place of well-being. A place, where attempts a whole host of employees, suspecting or at the guest prior request to read from the eyes. In the evening guests can enjoy the light of the stars in a warm floating pool (Our Cover) enjoy, during the day the star category of hotel are a sure guarantee of recovery.

The Master of pools of the swimming sauna:

Torsten Kukuk, born 22.03.1964, married, 2 children,

Skilled workers for Automatic machinery and equipment, Master of pools since 1985,

as "Certified Master of pools" since 1993 active

but the same star act on the Master of pools with a completely different light. Gone are the days of tanned David Hasselhoff clones with orange swimwear, a whistle, Megaphone and the blond assistants with kilos of hopping silicone. The Master of pools will notice some day the stars next to the door with a certain joy, because if they are there, they have not changed their place with the end of a chain. No, the almighty Hotel Director does not swing the stars on a stick over the heads, it is the guests' expectations and their own high expectations. It has become a different type of work, far from normal public swimming pools, far from the former kingdom of Torsten Kukuk in the "People's swimming pool Neuruppin". Everything is in the sign of the guest, the Master of pools has mutated into a versatile service. All sides expect the universal genius, which also developed boundless empathy to all sexes and ages. He alternates between the mastery of filter technology, learning children, suspiciously observing mothers, Sauna ceremonies, Security- and cleaning companies, sweaty towel mountains and water passing seniors. If the self-image of a man is said to have changed in recent decades, then the Master of pools of Resort Mark Brandenburg GmbH & Co KG the living proof.

The spa is of course particularly dedicated to the health of the guests. While other employees take care in the fitness center, it is sometimes the task, to animate the guests from the pool edge in a course. He is also the time Entertainer, that without the petrified grin of a TV-seller.

The spa is of course particularly dedicated to the health of the guests. While other employees take care in the fitness center, it is sometimes the task, to animate the guests from the pool edge in a course. He is also the time Entertainer, that without the petrified grin of a TV-seller.

Lap pool Fontane Therme

Photo: aqua&pools

His day starts normally, the spa opens for residents already 07 AM with the possibility, to have breakfast directly to the pool. Since Torsten Kukuk is on the morning shift already on the technical system and checks the water parameter and the functioning of the automatic. A PLC-controlled, fully automatic system, requires an overview of the possible functions, over error-risks and intervention options. "His cellar" is his kingdom, the 5 Employees and the trainee can rely on him. No question, when any pump fails and floods the cellar floor, then goes for even a weekend it. closing time is only, if its basement is dry and clean again.

Sunset at Lake Ruppin

Photo: Resort Mark Brandenburg GmbH & Co KG

During the morning tour of the visitors' area to be trained eye glides over all points, could occur where uncleanliness or risk to guests. By the way, you can see the members of the management much easier at this critical view -as in an elegant restraint during physical work.

When it comes to cleanliness and safety, then no one's too bad in the house, to tackle by yourself and immediately. The staff at the restaurant are busy at this time with breakfast end here Hotel guests and rarely have time, enjoy the sunrise over the lake. It is the time of the permanent guests, the time of the line swimmers, the time of the early morning sauna guests. They all use the quiet, witch short time later is interrupted by the small swimming-students. Perhaps because of this Master of pools is among them in the water and each of the smallest customers shoves with almost fatherly care towards "Certificate of the little seahorse". Hardly imaginable, that these young swimmers not in 20 Years to this place, this time and this man remember and here bring their own children. Yes, also at this place the stars are earned at the door of the hotel!

Meanwhile go Hotel and Spa in its sixth year. Many small, but also large, changes have been made in the kingdom of the Master of pools. Torsten Kukuk has seen some stations in his professional career and helped shape. As a man of the first hour, he has seen the construction of the spa. His opinion was also asked, as 2012 decency, a reconstruction of the outdoor pools. Of course, this was the main focus on the needs of guests.

Bubble bed in the Fontane Therme

little things, like a soft pool floor, do not see every guest . But in sum, they make the experience coherent and tempt the guest to linger.

So were the quiet brine pool, from which one can have a wonderful view of the lake, the underwater couches replaced. The existing parts were replaced by those, where you can be comfortable and look pleasing in the water. Draw on the experiences have been implemented, that quite a few guests wear their body jewelry in the water and lose by the bubble on the couches. the jewelry was lost in the past until the next cleaning, now the new chairs of the staff can easily open and covered many a sigh of relief. The benches have changed too. They are built on the same principle and impress with the convenience.

The better is the enemy of the good. Even the Sole exercise pool was good, yet it received a new dedication. An analysis of visitor behavior had shown, that a brine exercise pool is little used to "move" and that the water surface can be better utilized. The transformation of the pool 2012 so put a slightly different form, more access options and also benches.

PBR 01 Image 10 Resort Mark Brandenburg logo


Are there swimming champion, for the water quality is not important? Torsten Kukuk not one of them! Because the hydraulic system was the same no matter how improved the renovation of the pool, that the disinfectant is now distributed targeted. Not only the morning tour takes the swimming champion to these basins. Periodically, he takes the opportunity, to convince himself of the pleasant conditions for all visitors.

Bodeneinströmung Grimmingtherme

Photo: aqua&pools

One could almost get the impression, Here would be an oasis of perfect world. Not even close, the composition of the guests ready for an experienced swimming champion surprises. In the autumn 2012, as Slovak experts assembled the new chairs in the outermost pool in the early morning hours, echoed aid screams over the lake. A young woman had far out assessed the pitfalls of the lake wrong and obviously did not make the return trip. Alarmed by the fitters in the basin, the swimming champion approached by water already weakened woman.

In parallel, the hotel's MV "My ship" was made clear and could take the Savior and the woman after a short time.

Not all of the total 111.000 Visitors of the year 2013 Torsten Kukuk could meet in person. But some of you, he is stuck in memory sein.Der Lake Ruppin finally 8,25km², the distance from the nearest shore maximum of 800m. but the calm water surface belies the sometimes dangerous currents away, which also experienced swimmers can overwhelm.

Fontane Therme am Ruppiner See
Fontane Therme am Ruppiner See

We start at this point a small series of articles, in the Association in the coming months to present some of its members and their places of activity. If you are the opinion, OF THE or has to be, write us at best equal to an email to

Fontane Therme and Lake Ruppin

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