Disinfection 01 Terms and Overview

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Literally: "De-infecting" = "preventing contagion". In the parlance "free of microorganisms make".

In the parlance "free of microorganisms make". The literal language is lost. According to the German Pharmacopoeia (DAB) means disinfection: enable "dead or living material in a state, that it can not infect "

Disinfection is the reduction of microorganisms by a factor 10-5.

Disinfection speaking at a germ reduction in a particular test method with certain specimens by a factor of at least 10−5, this means, that originally 1.000.000 germs capable of reproduction (so-called colony-forming units (KbE)) not more than 10 to survive (exception: Laundry disinfection process: Germ reduction by a factor of at least 10−7).

So there is a different interpretation of the term. Other differences exist between hygienic and surgical disinfection disinfection, between surfaces and liquids.

For disinfection chemical or physical methods can be used. There are several lists of approved disinfectants and procedures, in which they are listed according to different application areas: hand sanitizer, Hautantiseptik, surface disinfection, Instrumentendesinfektion, laundry disinfection, Room disinfection and disinfection of waste.

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