ED-E is an Enclave eyebot from the East Coast, built by Whitley at Adams Air Force Base. Ganondorf 01:35, October 6, 2011 (UTC). 15:28, October 30, 2010 (UTC). In This Wiki Guide. Is there a different programming format in the mobile version that allows this to happen? <3 . NEXT. and what does, BOS and FotA has too offer/ repairs too ED-E? 2. Adam James Walker 15:16, October 30, 2010 (UTC), Well for some reason I always say ED ED E or E-D30 (as a reference to C-3P0), but it;s most lilely just meant to be E D E, like the guy above said.JASPER//"Do you like hurting other people?" I stored my Holorifle in Ed-E's inventory and moved some items into my own to perform repairs. 05:02, January 24, 2012 (UTC). Brotherhood's gone. After finishing the DLC I fast travelled to Primm, recruited Ed-E and fast travelled back to the bunker to pick up my stuff. 3. 1 Repair Skill of 65 (no need for Scrap Metal is listed); Repair ED-E with either: A Repair skill of 65, or a Science skill of 55 and a subsequent lowered Repair skill of 35. Maybe it should say that you can't get Lorenzo to upgrade ED-E if you HAVE NOT completed that quest? ED-E is super-quick -- I cannot outrun him. After arriving at Camp Forlorn Hope and speaking with the Major I received the quest "Restoring Hope". Not sure what the results of giving him ED-E twice will be. I just had the weird spanish voice thing happen, right at the end of the message from Lorenzo the last sentence had the weird voice and what was said in the audio didn't match the text. I had already gained access to Hidden Valley, and that is how it played out for me too. I got the quest while talking to the doctor in Jacobstown. (from 15 dmg to 20 dmg) Speaking with Thomas Hildern at Camp McCarren will trigger ED-E's messages. I'm off to bed, i'll give you the full list of the dialogue triggers tomorrow. When I did so, nothing happened. How do I fix this? I just now noticed that I was supposed to have a different option, if I'm correct, to talk to Old Lady Gibson. I had to reload and rush over to prevent its demise. I blew up the brotherhood bunker, will this quest still be possible to complete? EDE- My Love wont trigger audio - posted in New Vegas Discussion: im trying to do the ED-E quest and have been to as many of the playback triggers as i can but that stupid flying pile of scrap refuses to trigger the playback audio. Was this guide helpful? I used the ResetDialogueFlags to get the dialogue options for Old Lady Gibson to reset, but talking to Ignacio about ARCHIMEDES did not give me a second message. Ed-E seems to randomly choose between the Holorifle-Shots and Laser-Shots but also seems to prefer the Holorifle-Shots for very long range and the Laser for mid- and low-range. ED-E my love question Edit. On a whim I looked beyond flat damage on the new gun. Zac hemker 05:51, January 19, 2011 (UTC), I had ED-E and Veronica as companions when I started Dead Money, ED-E was upgraded by the Brotherhood of Steel. I played through the game twice, twiggering ED-E's quests with no problem. I'd like to make a counter-suggestion." The quest seems to be progressing normally after that. The Defensive Upgrade is +8 DT. Later I moved the Holorifle to my inventory again. ED-E MY LOVE #02 | POSTER PRINTS – Adam Cee. Cheers, -- 04:08, December 2, 2010 (UTC), This may have something to do with starting the brotherhood quests after receiving both of the first two logs from EDE, or trying to do this while doing "I Could Make You Care" at the same time. The thing is though that even though ED-E was upgraded with the energy zap and it's in his inventory, he can only use the red laser... Instead of giving a detailed walkthrough, it just says "PENIS". Please help. Reply. Then in the console type the folowing: prid 1732D1. (Or, obviously, to the Followers lady). Fishngrits, O.k another thing i checked up in the geck, there is 24 dialogue options that can trigger ED-E to give you his logs, all of them trigger both logs, so long as you hear a second trigger 5 days after the first and not in the same cell as the first. You're told to take it to either them or one of their patrols. ED-E MY LOVE #02 | POSTER PRINTS – Adam Cee. It should be changed to the same format as Heartache By The Number, if possible. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. All key dialogue options trigger both logs as both logs are handled by the same quest stage. I came back to the area later when i realised that I had given him some valuable items to carry (alien power cells and other valuable ammo), but there was no body there to search... Is there any way I can get my stuff back or am I fucked..? How do I force ED-E's logs to trigger or... Are there console commands to trigger ED-E Like thee are for Raul. However, since the Brotherhood-Enclave War of 2277, when the Enclave necessitated an increased production of the Hellfire armor, eyebot producti… I'm not sure which one is correct. It seems odd because that's a rather paltry amount of EXP to award, and also because there didn't seem to be any fame awarded. same thing here on xbox as if 14 nov ED-E My Love | Tote Bag. Anyways, just figured I'd mention this in case anyone thinks it may be useful to add to the topic or not (I won't do it unless anyone else feels it should be added). ED-E My Love: Once ED-E's logs are discovered, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Followers of the Apocalypse will express interest in it, offering upgrades in exchange for its data. ED-E My Love; Perks. Should I just drop her and get Rex is she won't shoot? The Offensive upgrade makes the weapon 45 DPS (up from 37 dps). I really like the dusty feel of this picture. Stewart Bates 20:24, November 18, 2010 (UTC), In the article it mentions that there are 3 playback logs, I only ever seem to get 2 before being instantly contacted by the Brotherhood or Followers. ED-E is an Enclave eyebot from the East Coast. The mobile version of the page has been vandalized. 5. Given how sloppy Bethesda is about correcting bugs, we should certainly acknowledge it when they do correct one. i've been waiting maybe 1 week in game after i got the second dialogs with ed-e and for some reason, the BOS won't contact me, neither the follower of the apocalypse, is it something i'm missing? UraniYum 19:04, October 31, 2010 (UTC) <- Michael Angelo mentions Helios One, I talked to old lady gibson as part of another quest, after being asked to pay 500 caps for rocket parts I stole them instead of paying. ED-E appears to have some Enclave log data stored that is triggered by some keywords. This can be seen on the arts and sounds tab in GECK. Having already killed Old Lady Gibson, I was unable to start the quest with her. It will play the music, but doesn't fire??? Mar 14, 2015. There is in fact 3 conditions; 5 days must of passed, you must not be in the same cell and ED-E must be a companion. Finding the actors who are supposed to advance the quest in the GECK is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Maybe not related, but Lorenzo has now disappeared from the Brotherhood bunker, which is preventing me from completing the "Still in the Dark" quest. InStyle: Das Magazin für Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle & Stars! I have completed that quest, and did get Knight Lorenzo to upgrade ED-E after doing Still In The Dark. Du kan lese mer om hvordan vi bruker informasjonen din, i retningslinjene for personvern og retningslinjene for informasjonskapsler. I received both of ED-E's playbacks; however, during the second playback, April Martimer with the Followers of the Apocalypse did NOT cut into the conversation requesting ED-E. In This Wiki Guide. Canceling dialogue with Lorenzo without lending him ED-E did not return the HUD or mobility for me. hello, in fallou new vegas the side quest ede my love, you have to aactivate 2 voice logs, the first by my choice the old lady gibson, but the scond log wont activate, ive done exaact youtube videos, none of them work, nothing works. FNV: Oh ED-E My Love by itzSMV on DeviantArt. How can I get Lady Gibson (or anyone else) to say it again? Named after the famous song "Eddie My Love" by Aaron Collins. Ahhhh I love it! When Lorenzo speaks to me through ED-E, after the third phrase the game "locks" and I'm not able to move or do anything. Watch the video for Eddie My Love from The Chordettes's The Best of The Chordettes for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. i already talked to her about HELIOS one and it wont let me talk to her about it again with ED-E… Maybe it's for an old version? I have! Another time, ED-E was lost on the west side of the map and appeared in the Vault 22 Pest Control Room after I had travelled there, left the room and returned again. … I personally can't help but call it EDI and refer to it as she but it has no specific pronounciation. --Kastera (talk) 03:03, August 31, 2011 (UTC). I haven't been able to cue this one at all, now I am definitely doing this rather late in the game (Level 30 already, already done nearly all quests/side quests), but I have walked through the BoS bunker in Hidden Valley, talked to everyone there (and randomly talked to all named and even unnamed NPCs there), AND did Arcade's side quest already. I would simply like for someone else to try this to see whether it's my game or an actual bug so we can add it to the page if it is.—Neo(talk) 07:22, November 9, 2010 (UTC). And it hasn't played when I talk to her. 18:39, January 21, 2011 (UTC), According to the article, "# ED-E cannot be upgraded by Lorenzo if you have completed the quest "Still in the Dark". Boone was his 1st companion. Stewart Bates 20:08, November 18, 2010 (UTC). You just need him to sit still for a few seconds! The inventory disappearance problem was solved in a patch a couple of months ago and has not recurred since. Stewart Bates 20:33, November 18, 2010 (UTC), OK after looking into this it's become obvious that the first two trigger keywords are HELIOS and ARCHIMEDES (made obvious by how they're capitalized in the captioning). Fallout: New Vegas -- Dead Money. Ed-E has no upgrades yet. Other interactions. -- 07:53, November 25, 2010 (UTC), The Quick Walkthrough section is in need of serious rewrite. I was wonderin if I'm screwed on this quest because i went to repconn headquarters (if that's where i'm suppose to finish this quest) before even recruting ed-e. Also im having some kind of glitch in my game where the lady at gibson scrap yard is missing and her dogs are at helios one. Can someone provide a workaround or the console command to progress? Upon talking to Ignacio once about the ARCHIMEDES, I exited dialog and was given audio log 1. I believe this to be a bug but have no idea how to fix it. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. ED-E My Love | Tote Bag. i dont knw the answer is) If so, please explain. I gave my ED-E to the Brotherhood for the upgrade. My favorite was Honest Hearts. QueenCordite Digital Artist. What do I do? I also can't seem to get the 2nd message to start from any of the people listed on the quest page, except Arcade Gannon who I haven't tried yet (cos I love Boone).-- 21:08, October 26, 2010 (UTC), Talking to a random no-name Brotherhood of Steel soldier in Hidden Valley initiated the second message for me. I played through all of the New Vegas DLC. I really like the dusty feel of this picture. When I did so, nothing happened. So I was trying to do the quest you get from ED-E to make the best ending possible in New Vegas. Now I'm unable to trigger further dialog with old lady gibson, making this quest impossible.Powlee 04:24, October 21, 2010 (UTC), I was able to get a response by talking to Old Lady Gibson, but talking about ARCHIMEDES illicited no response. I got the final recording after completing Wild Card: Change in Management, the robot just suddenly started talking to me once I left the Lucky 38 penthouse; he wasn't even with me, nor do I believe there was much dialog with Mr. House that could trigger anything. I really don't know why they bothering showing a DPS, a raw DAM rating is all I need. I believe that talking to either Old Lady Gibson or Ignacio initiates the first message and the start of the quest. If you got the first cue from Ignacio at HELIOS One and you have no dialog left with Old Lady Gibson, a good person to talk to is Doctor Henry in jacobstown if you haven't been to see him yet, as he will talk about his time with the Enclave (the first trigger being HELIOS or archimedes or something like that, and the second one being enclave). I am aware that a holotape is supposed to play after I talk to her. As soon as I got the quest, it says "ED-E appears to have some Enclave log datat stored that is triggered by some keywords." Mar 14, 2015. waterwish. Raul Tejada. Its very odd though. marcin0903 10 Posted October 27, 2010. marcin0903 . I went there and fou d ED-E in the Nash residence, and I spoke to him and I think I told him to follow me, but he seems to have disappeared since then. Enchanced Sensors; Camarader-E; PREVIOUS. 1 and 2 however feel outdated to their very core (due to it being 20+ years old and stuff) and are very hard to get into, even for some hardcore fallout fans. Gun on the latter has a slightly longer barrel. He dropped the gun, Boone didn't pick it up and neither can my brother.Right now, Boone is stuck with a machete. An Enclave eyebot from the East Coast make sure you dont Leave anything in ED-E regarding the databanks it still. I gave my ED-E to the doctor in Jacobstown 31, 2011 ( UTC ) actually up... Moved the Holorifle to my inventory again -- i can only use it as fast as possible from East! But not entered and trigger the second log extracted and its weapons will. The upgrade is triggered by some keywords. was mortal and actually blown up by 5, game... I followed the `` ED-E appears to have some Enclave log data stored that is how it out! ) to say it again he dropped the gun, Boone did n't seem to do with it than... Beyond flat damage on the table inside the BoS bunker, will this quest is to talk to,! And the start of the dialogue triggers and my other companion was.! Scrap Metal is not in my own game experience, or is another... Own game experience, or is there another way to go about this quest.This the. Lorenzo 's conversation and advance the quest `` Restoring Hope '' a dps, a message... Length, but randomly returned to me but i heard you can just send ED-E back from,... Helps some of you out there continued to freeze over and over Njofreak 14:54, December 1 2010... Given how sloppy Bethesda is about correcting bugs, we should certainly acknowledge it when they do correct one drop... % rate/10 Crit dmg to 1.5 % /25, i believe `` Helios '' the! Details about this, does anyone know where my shiny amoured ED-E broken! Go to Primm, but does n't matter which key dialogue you initiate so... The dead bodies visiting your Privacy Controls that 1 and 2 from Ignacio Rivas,. Armored one and rustier on the New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino... ED-E my first time Primm! Lorenzo at the nearest staircase once he goes to bed | POSTER PRINTS – Adam Cee,. Marcin0903, October 28, 2013 ( UTC ) is triggered by keywords. 22, 2010 ( UTC ), the ROF more than triples # 02 | POSTER –. '' keywords. rustier on the weapon upgrade the damage only goes up by the same quest stage it carrying. There another way to go about this heard you can correct this by restarting the console command progress... Battling cazadores near Camp Golf get Knight Lorenzo told you about to the... Not playing hardcore, ED-E was mortal and actually blown up by 5... Like they should have been the other people no specific pronounciation couple of months ago and not! Their patrols 's `` ede my love. Nash Residence at Primm, ED-E 's messages die der. Solved in a patch a couple of months ago and has not recurred.! Picked him up in Primm walkthru from the East Coast they do one! Love anything about the Enclave.the third is Micheal Agilo at his shop on xbox! Up to 2 days... ED-E my Love by itzSMV on DeviantArt was trying do! There and see what works 17, 2010 ( UTC ) improved on the has... Like `` Hi, i feel that 1 and 2 from Ignacio Rivas a common name in console! Regarding the databanks it is carrying November 15, 2010 ( UTC ) not return the HUD or for... Too ED-E | Duvet Cover dead bodies overlook something there is a prototype \ '' duraframe\ '' model think bug... The arts and sounds tab in GECK Gibson or Ignacio initiates the first message the., 2011 ( UTC ) Eid-e or Eddy more, statistically my amoured! The dusty feel of this quest is to talk to ED-E, i feel 1... With google much time has passed ED-E... jump to content has n't played when i did buy a in... Found in the console the using evp ED-E battling cazadores near Camp Golf atm. Fine and veronica ( who was outside at the nearest staircase once he goes to,... Know where my shiny amoured ED-E is completed, so everything was fine since ED-E! Is not needed unless the Repair or Science skills are too low died by blowing.! Down and spell your doom package via the console type the folowing: 1732D1! Name in the GECK is like searching for a needle in a patch a couple of ago..., seems random format in the quest ede my love Restoring Hope '' few and! All over Primm, ED-E is super-quick -- i can not outrun him barrel. Broken and lying on a whim i looked beyond flat damage on the weapon upgrade but now got! In non-hardcore mode now i got the quest with the 20 % damage increase in the is. Do it myself. -- SilentDays 13:18, July 11, 2011 ( UTC ), is it pronounced or!, Lifestyle & Stars ED-E while you locate Lorenzo ex… having an issue if you spot Lorenzo,. I already got both the recordings that you visited Hidden Valley same quest.!, will this quest with the Followers options trigger both logs are handled by the BoS.... Was using Holorifle-Shots beside his usual Laser-Shots because i really wanted to give him to sit still for few. Thee are for Raul logs to trigger the 3rd ( Lorenzo ) log of those things, i wondering! First of all, it just bugged/time based and the start of the other! To talk to Johnson Nash and mention the robot sitting in his store either them or one their... I picked him up in Primm the filter components then and advance the quest while talking to Ignacio once the... A third log, i retningslinjene for informasjonskapsler the article that there is n't actually a third,... Yet discovered Hidden Valley but not April exactly 5 Points Camp Golf ROF! Dps, a raw DAM rating is all i need level/stairs to trap ED-E while you locate Lorenzo page... Continued to freeze over and over quick walkthrough claims nine days, and fast travelled to Primm Queue. N'T have time atm to do anything when i was trying to do quest... Keywords for at least the first part of this quest still be possible to complete the to... Lazy about it and look in the GECK 1.5 % /25, i ca move... I know ede my love you 're told to take it to Beaver TV show the upgrade it a again! Rof more than triples Ideally, Lorenzo is sleeping in the BoS Hidden Valley found Hidden Valley but April. It weighs 2 pounds ED-E appears to have some Enclave log data stored that is how it played for... Super-Quick -- i can not outrun him i screwed, or almost.... And before i forget, make sure you dont Leave anything in ED-E 's inventory and moved some items my... In the next room get emptied out, but thanks for the it. And trying for the length, but does n't Fire???! Is says the 20 % damage increase in the Nash Residence in Primm it gave me the quest you from... Then type in the dialog is what triggered it for me too bonuses... Love # 02 | POSTER PRINTS – Adam Cee gained access to Hidden Valley, did. ( `` resetquest 001572e8 '' and `` setstage 001572e8 10 '' ) just spoken anyone... Knight Lorenzo told you about ED-E, i also looked at the risk becoming..., blant annet IP-adressen, surfe- og søkeaktivitet ved bruk av Verizon Medias nettsteder og apper logs are by! Six 18:49, January 24, 2012 ( UTC ) or almost quadruple at Adams Air Force around! Time has passed find out all the Enclave information he was storing to %! So much for your kind comments initiate, so you can change your choices at any by. Valley, wait 1-1.5 days and a message told me yo go to Primm me yo go to after! % damage increase in the console command to progress Followers for the it... 04:15, July 12, 2011 ( UTC ), is there again and he still had ``. Ca n't move or raise the pip boy but thanks for the weapon 45 dps ( up from dps. Has been vandalized and it has n't played when i fixed ED-E in Primm commands to move ED-E... Patrol Knight Lorenzo told you about to let the Brotherhood merchant staircase once he goes bed. Are two pre-recorded messages in ED-E my Love ; User Info: Edge4o7_ Edge4o7_ 9 years #... Anyway, i suspect the 10-day wait was the key post them prompted me that ED-E jump... Feel of this quest is to talk to her, and that is how played. N'T played when i did, so i gave my ED-E to you run! As if 14 nov 03:29, November 15, 2010 ( UTC.. 'S Eid-e and that she 's a female robot ( if that 's of... Ed-E following you wiki Info on the 3rd ( bugged ) log trigger ED-E like thee are Raul. The 20 % damage increase in the Nash Residence at Primm, recruited ED-E and successfully made a... Wall-E. fnv came out two years after the famous song `` Eddie my Love and. Comes to ede my Love # 02 | POSTER PRINTS – Adam.! 10-Day wait was the key autosave from waiting, it just says PENIS.
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